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Margina Tea is the best tea Provider of Pakistan's

Margina Tea offers you a large selection of ways to enjoy refreshing, great tasting teas.

Choice is a wonderful thing. Whether you prefer your black or green, hot or cold, Margina Tea has the tea that’s right for your tastes. And only Margina Tea offers this many choices.

Discover all the flavorful, refreshing ways Margina Tea delivers the highest quality, delicious tea products that fit your healthy lifestyle.



Our main goal is to produce the most reliable and valuable products and services and to build core competency in blending and packaging technology.


To increase sales in our existing markets, we focus on providing our customers with better value and to penetrate new strategic business areas.


Margina Tea processing, packaging and marketing of Pakistan Tea specialties has not always been a Standardized affair. At the core of the group’s success is the sincerity and dedication of its team of highly qualified technical, financial and marketing expert.

We Provide

Best Quality of Tea and Premium Blends


Karak Blend Tea

Mixture Blend Tea

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Plot# A-172, Small Industrial Estate, Mirpur, AJK.

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